Angelic Energy Flow



  • For many years I felt this hole in my heart. Frequently I would experience such physical pain similar to that of losing a loved one, and most of the time there was no known cause for the anguish I felt. After one energy session with Christina my heart feels healed and open to love once again. She truly has a gift for bringing the spirit back into alignment. Thank you!!!  

    Diane Z.,   North Carolina
  • I want to express my absolute conviction that I have, as a direct result of my experience with Christina Maria Graham's healing energy abilities. I have utilized four other healers so far in my life, and I know they have all had an effect within me. I must say that after my session with Christina, I was in a state of bliss for several hours.  This has never occurred with any other healer.  I intend to see her on a regular basis throughout my lifetime. NAMASTE, 

    Jimmy B.,  Mt. Top, Pennsylvania

  • I wish to express immense appreciation for the healing I received through you. I am experiencing valuable shifts from it. For instance, yesterday I went to the movies by myself--that's a milestone, considering I had never done that before. I guess I am on my way to being that independently successful woman you believe I can be. Thank you. Much love and gratitude,   

    Kim L., Miami, Florida