Angelic Energy Flow

                      Spiritual Counseling


 I receive intuitive information from the Angels and the Akashic Records to help you get clarity on the following issues:

  • Relationships
  • Career choices
  • Health
  • Dreams
  • Messages from deceased loved ones and pets
  • Intuitive gifts
  • Handling transition with ease
  • Aura reading
  • Etc.

                                Energy Healing


An energy session is the clearing of blocked energy and the restoring of unobstructed energy flow though the body. Blocked energy over time is the root cause of physical pain and disease. After an energy session you will feel inner peace, balance and harmony within your being. An energy session is transformational.     


                               Medical Intuitive


The term Medical Intuitive is the ability to see clairvoyantly in the physical body of both people and animals, similar to an x-ray machine. I am able to "see" the blockages and discoloration in the body that causes what we call disease. Thru my insight, I now realize disease is emotion stored in the cells, tissue, muscle, organs and bones of our bodies. I assist people in their healing by releasing this stored emotion so energy can flow once again creating peace within.

                           Akashic Records


 Each souls experiences from the past, present and future are stored in what is called the Akashic Records. I receive my information from these records with permission from my clients. As my client before me asks a question, his/her records are downloaded to my left, a file in their records lights up and I know the answer lies within. I pull the file out and a movie unfolds before my eyes revealing the answer. Oftentimes several files will light up telling me this event or issue has plagued them in more than one lifetime. This gives my client the opportunity to heal the issue/event extending grace into their lives. Edgar Casey was famous for accessing the Akashic Records in his sleep. 


                                Class Offered


         Aquarian Age Energy System

Do you consider yourself a healer?  Have you been attuned to Reiki? You may be ready for Aquarian Age Energy. This energy system will incorporate all the healing modalities you have done in your many past lifetimes as a healer. You will also have the ability to clear blocked energies that no longer serve your client. Thus helping them create the life they truly want to live.

Class includes:

Attunement to full color spectrum of healing lights.   Intro to 13 chakra system.

  • Learn how to balance and align chakras easily.
  • Learn how to perform psychic surgery (clear blockages).
  • Learn how to journey to reclaim soul parts.
  • Walk thru healing session with 2 clients.