Angelic Energy Flow

                     My Story



 I was born with all four intuitive abilities intact. I have memories of talking to the animals, having tea parties with my deceased grandmother, and telling my kindergarten teacher that I want to heal people with my hands when I grow up. Of course these abilities were shut down at an early age.  My eldest son, intuitively gifted himself, helped me reawaken my natural gifts.                                                    In the year 2000, I experienced a kundalini awakening, which opened my auric vision.  Shortly thereafter I noticed my hands were able to "clear" the pain from people's bodies. I then placed my hands on my children when they suffered from ear infections, sore throats and fevers. My children told me it felt like I was taking the bad feelings out of them.  I now assist people in their own healing by releasing the energy that causes pain, restoring a feeling of well-being. I consider myself a channel of healing energies. I raise my vibration to reach these healing lights and give it with love to my clients.